a mac lipstick and a mac salesperson

went out and had lunch with nikki today. it had been such a long time since i was at sizzler. the meat was still good and the companion was pleasant.

i tried to steer clear from heavy subject since nikki had the habit of saying wrong thing at the wrong time, not to mention trying to overanalyze stupid things and ask stupid questions.

but other than that, the lunch was pleasing.

to help with the digestion, i dropped by a mac counter, intending to check out some lipsticks. i liked the nude lips so i tried a few. the result was kinda disastrous. nude lipsticks are not meant for pale, almost-no-makeup face. the salesperson wasn’t much helpful. other than being condescending to me, he/she (i don’t know how to refer to this person who is obviously a guy but dressed like a drag queen) only applied some samples on my lips and gave me a sour look. um.. i don’t think it’s me. maybe someone forgot to feed it/him/her.

anyhoo, i went back home w/ a lipstick called mocha. it was brown. and more importantly, it was on sale. it’s not my favorite color but i had no decent brown lipstick to wear at all, hence the purchase.

at the end of the day, i went home full and happy. another nice day i can call it.


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