there’s nothing like old friends

i went to high school reunion this past week, and to my surprise, i had a good time.

not having seen my high school friends since the day i graduated, i was sorta worried what the atmosphere would be like for me. most of them have kept in touch through college and grad schools all this year. the rest of them went off to the same schools. many went to colleges with some same friends from high school. i was the only one, alone in new place, and trying to make new friends. i had quite a few good friends in college and enjoyed their company tremendously. in the mean time, i lost touch with high school friends and they, me. time passes and before i know it, it has been decades. yes decades. oh dear i should feel so old. but i don’t hahaha.

my feeling was a bit of intimidation. my high school friends are kinda social girls; they come from wealthy family, their parents went to prestigious university, so did they. i pictured them driving fancy cars and work for respectable companies. with big fat paycheck.

and they are like that. the minute i drove into the parking lot of that restaurant, there were bmw, camry, suv, and other nice cars there. i felt like hiding my 10-year-old honda in the corner and sneaking inside. what an underachiever i must look to them.

they are not all like that. yes, many of them work for reputable places, and do well financially. some of them, many, actually, choose to stay without a permanent job and do just as well. and they thought my temp job in teaching was an honorable one. i didn’t see that coming.

i never think of my friends as snob but i never expect them to be this understanding, appreciating, and kind. some of them came off arrogant and patronizing towards me but i think it’s their characters. most of them were thrilled to see me. i felt very welcome and i like this crowd a lot.

we had such a wonderful evening. i laughed so much and enjoyed delicious food. how come it turned out this way is surprisingly puzzling to me. maybe because we have known each other since young age. that’s why we could pick up almost instantly where we left off. i am so looking forward to the next reunion.

thinking back to grad school reunion a while ago, i can see several differences. the atmosphere wasn’t this warm. people were too absorbed in themselves to pay attention to the rest of the surrounding. i still had a good time there but it was no match to this one.

all of this makes me think of my grade school friends. now writing about it, i miss them sorely. it has been decades. i wonder how they are. i still remember how nice and kind they were to me, helping me out with classes i hated, staying late with me waiting for my dad to pick me up. i hope i’ll see them again one day.


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