defending vogue


i found myself defending vogue, something which i never thought possible. 

many recent issues have been absolutely lacking value for money. i am resolute to cancel the subscription after it expires. 

not that i change my mind after i defended it, i simply think there’s some things worth reading in this glossy magazine. 

someone mentioned that vogue was blank in providing anything mind stimulating. i disagreed and we argued a bit. the magazine is full of mind blowing articles and columns, as well as fresh and creative fashion spreads. if you want something else, say intellectual or academic stuff, don’t buy vogue. 

i feel that the current issue has redeemed itself a bit. love the fashion spread. very very out of this world. love it. and many more articles i intend to read. 

i will not renew the subscription, that’s for sure. in the mean time, i will enjoy the reading experience from this stuck-up, luxurious-lifestyle portrait stack of 4-color sheets of paper as long as our relation lasts.


vogue is lazy if not out of ideas

Cameron Diaz Vogue US June 2009.preview

another issue of letdown from vogue. it has been like this for many times now. after the march issue (with mrs. obama on the cover – maybe the best one i’ve read so far) the following issues show lack of creativity and hard work.

the cover is beautiful – brightly green with plastic-smiling cameron diaz on it. i have nothing against her. i love most of her movies and i think she’s really funny. i blame the photographer for taking less-than-best picture of her. can’t the photo be taken when she’s at her natural self, as in no forced wide smile on her face? she is a 100 times better than that. 

the contents inside are weak. my favorite columns are still that, thank you, but just that. where’s more? one reason i subscribe to vogue is not only the glossy fashion spread but also horizon-expanding, eye-opening articles from witty, worldly and smart writers. their words are wisely and sophisticatedly crafted into the engaging story that you want to get lost into. 

i have always been fascinated by column ‘up front’ written by worldly authors. the articles are always good. this one is no exception. i enjoy the interview of cameron diaz and the piece on susan rice is inspiring. cameron diaz is beautiful in the photo shoot, with a few plastic posts but mostly natural and exquisite. 

that’s all worth mentioning in the issue. no more. just that. the magazine is as light as leather, substance and weight. fashion is scarce, scoop is scarce. index column is beautiful but not many. 

it seems like vogue people were too busy preparing for vacation or wedding. no one bothers to put some thoughts in their jobs anymore. why don’t they resign and let other people with real commitment and determination work there instead. 

judging from the way things are going, the next issue could be paper thin, and as empty as a skull.

value for money


i’m rather, scratch that, very, disappointed to see vogue may 2009 issue. it’s because of its main feature: the real lives of models. i couldn’t care less about them! 

i don’t care what they eat and pretend to not eat and tell the world they stay thin naturally. i don’t care who their boyfriends are or how they met. fashion is interesting. i want to know about how clothes are made, how a collection is created, how a young designer has come to the point s/he is today, how the established ones built their empires. those stories would be mind provoking and inspiring even. 

lives of models are not. 

did vogue run out of smart thing to say already? 

this issue is very light, in weight and substance. too bad that the subscription is non-refundable or i’ll definitely want my money back. vogue is still nice. i still enjoy their many articles, which are crafted with finesse, and touch of class. fashion spreads are beautiful as ever. this feature, however, is such a let-down. 

i wish to see more of vogue march 09 issue, of which michelle obama was on the cover. that issue wasn’t only pleasant to read, it’s brain nourishing. i miss that. 

fashion magazine doesn’t have to be shallow. 

maybe i should switch back to glamour.