back to back defeat

it happened again for the 2nd time, making it hard to ignore. is it a little sign, suggesting that rafa can’t outmaneuver harry houdini? 

i had thought this match could be the quantum of solace. it turned out to be sprinkling insult to an injury. 

the 1st defeat was embarrassing. the 2nd one is simply humiliating. or is it.

to be fair, the 2 teams came to that lesser-known-cup match w/ different mentality: one was there for the kill, the other just to be present. while the spurs had the full team, liverpool sent another set of players into the game. even though torres was there, it was only 55 minutes or so. it was obvious this match didn’t mean much to rafa. still, losing back to back to spurs starts to make me wonder if rafa can get the better of harry’s game plan. 

liverpool was terrible, or to put it mildly, out of their character in that match. (almost) every was just wrong. had it not been the jersey, i wouldn’t have believed it was the reds that were playing. 

since it was the mickey mouse cup, not getting into the next round might not be a big deal. anyway, i simply hope that when spurs come to anfield, that match had better be the dish best served cold. 

by the way, i am not a revengeful person. or simply in denial. 


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