where do all stuff come from


remember the very 1st you moved into a place? the room was so spacious and easy on the eyes. no cluster. no stuff. no nothing. 

and things keep piling up after that. we can’t avoid the stuff. it’s the destiny. resistance is futile.

so here in show some ideas to accommodate the stuff and appear organized. lots and lots of boxes and bookshelves. 

common yet brilliant


is it vintage

quite frankly, i don’t exactly know what vintage is. to my understanding, it’s something that looks beautiful in the old-ish way. when in doubt, i usually categorize things into vintage. nobody says otherwise. so far.
when browsing for decoration models, these rooms brought the word vintage to my mind. i don’t know if they are vintage-y. all i know is these rooms are inspirational. they use as minimal space as you have. just push table against the wall or window, put some paintings up and there you go, magazine-worthy pose!

good tuesday night everyone 🙂

images from elle decor

ideas for work space


since official, formal office has gone, maybe home office, or work space at home,  is the next thing to ponder. not that i have figured out what to do next exactly. having work atmosphere can bring some creativity and productivity, as well as sense of organization, to my life right now. 

the last one is my favorite. i like the idea of putting 2 rectangle ones together. only one table doesn’t provide enough space for my junk, and by combining 2 small ones doesn’t take up much area i have left. this is brilliant indeed.

which is your favorite? 

images from pottery barn