he looks really good in white

he can wear a garbage bag for all i care, as long as he keeps scoring for us and spain. 


i love this picture, not only because it was taken after torres scored but also blurry gerrard was seen on the left. 

love them both. love liverpool

image from getty images via telegraph website


baby goal no more


who can honestly tell me he looks like a star in this pix? that jersey is lame, so is he.

i wonder how kopites receive the news of michael owen signing with manchester united, as well as how red devil fans welcome him. personally, i don’t feel joy for sure and i shall, with nothing better to do, explore why i turn my back against my former favorite player. 

my positive feelings for him started to ebb away since the end of last season when he complained (so) much about the team. the newcastle utd situation was in dire straight, we were all aware. i thought he should be more spirited, even more gracious, to handle things better to prove that he was part of the team, not just a player waiting for his paycheck each week. bitching about it never makes anything better but worse. 

i, not for once, had any issues of him leaving liverpool for real madrid. it was the same level of respect i had had for macca. it was also perfectly understood when he joined newcastle, the only english club willing to break a bank to bring him back to british soil. from what i saw on tv, the reception he had when back at anfield in toon jersey was love and admiration. i wonder whether that same atmosphere will happen again when he steps on the pitch in that ugly red devil jersey. 

the deal looks reasonable. despite myself, sir alex is a top manager. despite the injury that plagues owen for years, sir alex must surely see what owen can bring to the club. once owen was handed a deal to play with a big club, it was nearly impossible to refuse. 

with that being said, my pretentious understanding can’t go on any further. i don’t want to accept that loyalty no longer exists in professional football, that it is ok for a red to join his archrival. owen can play for other club, any club. there must be other offers pouring in, where he can play week in week out – if he’s not injured – instead of being a glorified sub at man utd. how can he emerge through those players and find a place for himself? does he really prefer being small fish in big pond to big fish in small pond? maybe it’s the brand. perhaps adding this brand to his resume gains him back some self esteem he deprives for quite some time. perhaps michael owen turns into a w or simply becomes desperate. 

more often than not i am wrong about lots of things. i will humbly admit my wrong perception towards owen should any evidences present themselves to contradict the previous. when it comes to sense and sensibility, my sense prevails and speaks aloud. it will be some time before i restore my faith in owen, if ever. in the mean time, i have nothing but disdain for man utd. michael owen is a man utd. this equation is rather obvious.

dramatic curtain down – premier league style

10 games at 10 stadiums at the same time, that’s grande finale from the premier league. quite dramatic indeed. 

we kopites say goodbye to sami hyypia while the league bid farewell to west brom, boro, and newcastle. 

isn’t it very congruous that potentially relegating teams all equally take the beating from their opponents. the scores suggest that they play like the heart doesn’t belong there anymore. i didn’t see the games (too many, my remote can’t keep up). looked like hull had to hold their breath before knowing newcastle’s situation. hull is saved for the season. good luck and be stronger next season, i’m rooting for you! 

wanna say sorry to mr. mark, our prime minister, for he is newcastle’s fan. i wouldn’t worry though. something tells me the toons will come back to premier league even sooner than we know. 

so the curtain is down now, premier league fans. me as a tv bug, gossip girl’s 2nd season is already over all well. what do you suggest i use my tv for this summer? any good book you’d like to suggest? 

bow out with a memorable picture from rawk, brings tear to my eyes. 


don’t we look good in green

and such wonderful job against west ham. amazing amazing amazing

i want a hug too!

i want a hug too!

are they holding hand? really? yossi-you just make me madly jealous!

are they holding hand? really? yossi-you just make me madly jealous!

is this holding hand thing contagious? i'm so fine w/ it to tell the truth hehe

is this hand holding thing contagious? i'm so fine w/ it to tell the truth hehe

i bet you can't tell from our dear manager's expression that we are in fact winning

i bet you can't tell from our dear manager's expression that we are in fact winning

nice smile from mr. nice guy. he has done good for west ham, wouldn't you agree?

nice smile from mr. nice guy. he has done good job for west ham, wouldn't you agree?

have a nice week everyone 🙂

images from liverpool website

what the inferno was that


we need the divine intervention for this divine comedy, which is what last night game was; going down inferno, rising to paradiso, and landing on purgatorio. the roller coaster of emotion. it was fun to watch as a soccer fan. it was frustrating to witness as a kop. 

i don’t get it. i will not get it for another million years. pound per pound, we are a better team. better than chelsea. better than arsenal. 

why on the middle earth did we not beat them? why. why. why. 

it’s good to see we scored a lot. but don’t overlook the fact that we conceded a lot as well. does scoring have to come at the expense of defense? is that the way it has to be, rafa? 

our defense was like arshavin’s walk in the park. and torres, dear torres, i love you to death but you have to score more. 1 goal or two a game is no longer enough. 

we need to win or it goes without saying that we come home empty. not just simply empty-handed. empty heart. 

and that guy. i knew since the euro 08 that i don’t like him. now he stomped upon our sacred ground and made a comedy out of it. 4 times. 

i am so mad at my beloved team right now. i’ll support liverpool till i go six feet under but the desire to smack them in the head surfaces quite frequently these days. 

c’mon, we have to win this thing. if not, what is left of us?

image from the mirror