the blue planet would look prettier in pink

my life is kinda standing still at the moment. sometimes it even feels like i’m going backward.

try not to think too much or too negative, i redirect my attention to these beautiful pink pictures found via

i think that’s one of the most beautiful cake ever seen. 


i’ve never tried macaroons. this delicatessen isn’t widely known here. i’m still searching where i can buy one. will it taste as good as it looks? 

a friend of mine isn’t quite a fan. but ‘to like or not to like’ remains to be determined. by me 🙂



not so good day

i have a not-so-good day today. looking at these beautifully colored macaroons does help a bit.

pretty images from sfophoto via flickr

i love colors

coffee sets and peripheral from here.

macaroons from various sites