atleti was robbed

it may sound harsh to some people but it looked that way to me. 

i’m a die-hard liverpool fan. it doesn’t mean i have to agree w/ everything that goes our way. 

the plot thickened when atleti scored first. that was stress-free for the kop, and for me, when it happened. we are now known – commentator put it – as specialist in late comeback. 

when things didn’t start to pick up in the 2nd half, were we still the specialist in that area? rafa put the whole army of strikers on the pitch. still no scoring.

agger became a designated striker. he had an unscored hattrick. 

our goal-scoring task force: gerrard, keane, kuyt, babel, ngog, couldn’t move pass atleti’s defenders. boy oh boy those atleti were good!

then came the questionable/ doubtful/ controversial/ (please put more synonym here) penalty given to liverpool. what was that?!? didn’t gerrard fly into that guy? how did that merit a penalty? someone please enlighten me. 

i can’t be happy with that. w/o the penalty shootout given to us by the referee, are we capable of scoring goal with our superior skills?

and what was with extra 4 yellow cards flying around to atleti players? their reaction was totally understandable. had it happened to us, i am sure we would have received more than yellow cards. 

ok, admittedly, i am glad we got into the next round. it is how we got in that wasn’t quite thrilling to me. it’s all about result, i know that. i truly believe that we are a better team than atleti. we could have beaten them in our own backyard but we failed to do that. 

anyway, to a happier note. it was nice to say hi to our old friend – luis garcia. it must be mixed feelings to play at anfield again – as an opponent team. no matter what, we love you. 

until the next match.


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