season finale


the 2nd season is coming to an end. i enjoy watching the series so much because of the fashion, and.. well, mostly the fashion. the plot is entertaining but the show wouldn’t be this captivating without the amazing wardrobe. 

i love almost all of blair’s clothes. they are fabulous. she brings headband back to life, and to the next level. have we ever been headband-obsessed before this? 

look like jenny’s hair style is becoming like the time she rebelled. how cool. i think she’s the only one in the show who looks good in mini dress/skirt. 

can’t wait for the 3rd reason. how will their college lives be different from high school ones?


more of blair’s wardrobe

can’t have enough of blair’s clothes. so cute. love the collar, the cuff, white tight, red bag. seems like this ensemble becomes her signature.

also found gossip girl-appropriates by giambattista valli, fall 2007 collection

gossip girl images from cw and valli collection from style