eating kaput!

i have been so lazy lately. nothing much to do during summer, my main activity is watching tv, and being a perfect couch potato. not only do i not work out, i eat all day and mostly junk food; french fries, ice cream, cake. i do try to whip up some good breakfast like scrambled egg, and fruit. but that is all healthy as it can get. the rest of the day, though, filling my stomach with high fat and high sugar is all what happens.

that’s how people get fat, i believe. starting from eating without restraint, then move on to salty french fries as snack three days in a row. i’m on the health and weight roller coaster right now.

how to break this non-stop devouring? self control doesn’t seem to come to effect but that’s no excuse. i know i have to take good care of myself. i need to. health is everything, is more important than money. being healthy is the best form of blessing.

now say goodbye to these lovely menu 😦

the key is, everything in moderation


attempt to eat healthy

my health check-up report arrived yesterday. the result isn’t very pleasant; the cholesterol is higher than standard. the need to eat healthy is required.


i like silk the most. it’s tasty and even better now that it’s on sale. the left box is mulberry juice from doi kam. i don’t know if it tastes good but the brand produces the yummiest strawberry juice (on right) 


ok, this is not healthy but i should satisfy my sweet tooth and be done w/ it. 

pop secret cheddar

i have been a fan of pop secret popcorn. sometimes i even had it as a meal, especially when nobody was home to cook. i also like cheddar so when i saw pop secret and cheddar together, i thought it must have been a good combination. 

not so much so.

the smell was horrifying. i resorted to switch the fan on and left the microwave door open all night. not only the kitchen area but the whole house smelled like somebody died there i almost had to evacuate. it was awful. 

without the smell – try eating w/o breathing- the taste was still that good. anyhow, the remaining packets will now reside in trash can. 

i’ll simply stick to extra butter recipe.


what kind of orange

are you the kind of person who drinks orange juice but refuses to eat the orange fruit? 

i’m one of them. my reason is that i don’t like the smell of its peel. i like the taste, the pulp but not the smell. when people are eating orange next to me, i gotta move to another zone, away from its smell. i guess it’s the same when people hate the smell of durian. 

now i can add one more reason to not eat an orange. its juice spilled into my eyes when i was peeling it. ouch! speaking of acid in your eye, not juicy. 

i like orange. i stand by my conviction. i wish starbucks bring back its drink, of which name i don’t recall. it had a valencia orange flavor in it. 

have a nice orange day everyone 🙂


lunch @ food court


pork noodle, after pork and meat ball were gone. the soup was nectar, no seasoning was additionally needed. maybe odd couple but a cup of mocha was yummy. black canyon makes really good mocha. i like it better than at starbucks. the black canyon branch sells coffee in lower price than other branches. probably it’s on campus. high price will not move product, not when majority of customers are stingy college kids. 

Morning @ cafeteria

Decided to stop by Starbucks this morning. I know i shouldn’t for my financial situation is in dire straits. However, i have had enough of cafeteria food here. With the morning blend of oscar wilde’s the importance of being earnest, grande mocha, and almond croissant (in the bag), i’m set to conquer what comes my way. Have a nice day everyone


moto 0321

after you dessert cafe

a friend told me about how divine their cakes were, making me salivate and desperately want to taste everything they put on menu. 

waiting for my paycheck to come