work of art

i was like andrea from the devil wears prada – pre-makeover time. i used to think of anything fashion-related was irrelevant to me. one reason is that i don’t have a ‘head’ for creativity. to dress nice requires a creative mind, which i don’t have. without creativity, it’s even more difficult to adapt those items, which don’t come cheap, or replace them with something as nice, into your daily wardrobe. the chance of me getting exposed to or experimenting is slim to none.

not that i become a millionaire these days. i’m still the same poor self as i have always been. what changes is my perspective. i have seen more, viewed more, and appreciated more of those exquisite pieces of design. i have come to admit, those pieces are fruit of artistic labor. the only way to achieve that is to put a lot of ideas, dedication, and creativity into it to produce such a creation. 

case in point. these necklaces are not what come to mind when you typically think of the said accessory, are they? 


necklaces by (from top) bijoux heart, marni, and isharya. pictures from here