a glass of coffee

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i feel like having a cup of coffee in a glass. no coffee places, at least not the ones in my neighborhood, use coffee glasses. not starbucks, wawee, nor dean & deluca. they all come in a beautiful white ceramic coffee mug. i wanna sip it from a glass.

i had the pleasure of enjoying a cup of joe in a glass once. it was a small, not much bigger than a shot glass. the barista poured a portion of sweetened condense milk first, then added coffee or tea till it reached a quarter inch from the rim. the glass showed off its beautiful layers; white from the condensed milk and brown from the coffee. it was even prettier with the orange color if you ordered tea. to me, it tasted heavenly (totally biased) but of course, it really did with the companion of congee and fried dough (pa tong ko – in thai). the crisp morning air, the atmosphere of the morning market in a country, people giving food to the monks. everything contributed to this lovely memorable glass of caffeine.

i don’t quite understand why, in the city, they don’t serve coffee in glass. it gives different feel – good difference – at least to me. there should be an option; glass or mug, same as tall or grande, soy milk or fat-free. do they afraid that glass will break easier and more frequently? a thick glass should be, i think, as durable as a mug. besides, when i was at that coffee shack in the upcountry, i didn’t witness any glass breaking scene. are people or baristas in the city clumsier than those in the countryside? i think not.

i miss that little coffee shack (or hut) i went with my family during songkran. not the place per se but the atmosphere, and definitely the coffee glass.


sadness, nostalgia, and saying goodbye

sadness is my friend. when it leaves, nostalgia takes its place.

i hate saying goodbye. people, things, everything come and go, i am aware of that. i still have difficulty letting go. i like exploring, yet i like things the way they are.

teaching is what i do, is what i like best at the moment. at the end of each semester, i feel hollow, like a part of me is dying, like a part of my life has closed its curtain.

it’s so sad i just wanna cry. tears don’t make me feel better but i can’t stop crying.

the beginning is nebulous. the end is melancholy. as the world turns, i am standing still and alone.

the soul of you

I’m falling head over head with your soul, your tenderness. I never realized till now. Your mind is exactly what I long for. I don’t want you, not corporal you. I want the one with your heart and soul that are ready and willing to love me. You are what I wish for, the love that takes only minute to fall in.

and liverpool is back, so is torres.

i have work to do but i simply don’t care. i wanna shout out my jubilation at the top of my lungs. i am over the moon. i am beside myself.

watching them come back with style was such a treat to end my sunday. i have to admit, i refrained myself from expecting anything (much). deep down, of course, i want to see a victory. and victory we got.

i think torres plays best when he doesn’t show his frustration and tries to be level headed. how graceful he was not letting john terry’s ugliest action get to him. he is above and beyond.

with that being said, i still want to dropkick john terry. there are many scenarios to hurt this scum bag playing in my mind.

not quite convinced though, that the win resulted from the team effort. individual skills seem to prevail and save the day. things need to be done or liverpool might become one-, or two, man team. that’s precarious.

all in all, yeh to the kops, YNWA

image from liverpool forum

new owner, new light?

so liverpool got a new owner. good news?

umm, it’s better news, of course. the situation is really dire, thanks to those beavis and butthead. however, with the new owner, will the wheel turn back to where it used to be or head to a new direction?

i’m skeptical. it’s obvious that they are here to make money. i simply hope there are businesspeople who are as much money-oriented as passionate for sports out there in the world. maybe that’s too much to ask for. what do you say, shooting star?

this weekend stages a match within families. i never feel that everton is any kind of adversary. i’m not in england so that might be the case. i don’t get the vibe or in the atmosphere soaked with rivalry air.

the local news here calls it ‘the match of potential relegation’. ouch! liverpool has sunk to the new low that i’ve never seen it like this before. but i think we might win. no matter how bad we are, everton is usually worse hahaha. anyhow, i’m gonna sit back, relax, recline on my new lazy boy and enjoy the broadcast without much anticipation. hope has withered for some time now. i still root for liverpool, but from cemetery this time.

and i constantly think of my xabi 😦

i should have known

that right after i raved about something, that something usually turns bad against me, real bad and real quick.

the situation at my favorite workplace just flipped 180 and now it feels like walking on broken glasses with bare feet to teach there.

the students there stabbed me in the back, ranting to other professors that they didn’t understand the lesson because of my teaching. classic huh!

i don’t have a problem with criticism. i have a problem with gossips. instead of talking to my face, they said bad things about me behind my back. how could i not be angry.

i accept the responsibility on my part. my teaching technique is far from perfect. it’s my job to make learning fun and lesson easy to follow. there is, and always will be, something that is clear to some people and unclear to others, nonetheless. isn’t it their responsibility to ask the questions when they do not understand? how dare they entirely throw this burden onto me, and not share it with themselves! from what i see, they are too lazy to think, to bother, or even to care about the lesson. they simply sit there like morons and try their best to look bored. they are good at making zero effort to learn.

now my spirit is so low that i don’t want to prepare the materials, i don’t want to teach. i really hate the situation i’m in, and i hate those who backstab me. i also feel so shameful that other professors are aware about this situation. they must think i’m a bad teacher. i’m also doubtful whether i will still get this gig next semester.

and most of all, i hate those students who make my life miserable, those who severely tainted my pink world, those who took my happy place away from my hand. i wish they all fail the class and be expelled from the university.

i will adjust my teaching. that’s the only thing i can do. i can never, however, forget how those students from hell made my feel. they make my life hell and i will return the favor.