acceptance and talk about liverpool FA cup match

agger scored against man united in FA Cup. image from the Guardian

it’s difficult for me to accept myself for i usually feel inadequate. my bad habit to regularly compare me to others. that’s why i am not quite thrilled about reunion.

there are things i want in life, but when i finally get them, it doesn’t feel fulfilling. things don’t make up for emotional crater.

done with gibberish foolish piece, i feel so joy w/ liverpool beating man united in FA cup. i have doubt [don’t we all] about how the team is going. still can’t justify the existence of carroll in the team. a goal came from a defender, do we need a striker then? still think the only thing amazing about henderson is his hair not falling out of place after 90-minute run. still can’t read uncle ken’s mind as to why he did what he did.

but all’s well that ends well, right? carroll seemed more involved in the game, coming into more contact of the ball. and henderson…well, his hair still looked good. in the end, though, we beat the opponent and advances to the next round.

i will settle with them winning something, anything this season. always support the team but need to rant from time to time.


and liverpool is back, so is torres.

i have work to do but i simply don’t care. i wanna shout out my jubilation at the top of my lungs. i am over the moon. i am beside myself.

watching them come back with style was such a treat to end my sunday. i have to admit, i refrained myself from expecting anything (much). deep down, of course, i want to see a victory. and victory we got.

i think torres plays best when he doesn’t show his frustration and tries to be level headed. how graceful he was not letting john terry’s ugliest action get to him. he is above and beyond.

with that being said, i still want to dropkick john terry. there are many scenarios to hurt this scum bag playing in my mind.

not quite convinced though, that the win resulted from the team effort. individual skills seem to prevail and save the day. things need to be done or liverpool might become one-, or two, man team. that’s precarious.

all in all, yeh to the kops, YNWA

image from liverpool forum

new owner, new light?

so liverpool got a new owner. good news?

umm, it’s better news, of course. the situation is really dire, thanks to those beavis and butthead. however, with the new owner, will the wheel turn back to where it used to be or head to a new direction?

i’m skeptical. it’s obvious that they are here to make money. i simply hope there are businesspeople who are as much money-oriented as passionate for sports out there in the world. maybe that’s too much to ask for. what do you say, shooting star?

this weekend stages a match within families. i never feel that everton is any kind of adversary. i’m not in england so that might be the case. i don’t get the vibe or in the atmosphere soaked with rivalry air.

the local news here calls it ‘the match of potential relegation’. ouch! liverpool has sunk to the new low that i’ve never seen it like this before. but i think we might win. no matter how bad we are, everton is usually worse hahaha. anyhow, i’m gonna sit back, relax, recline on my new lazy boy and enjoy the broadcast without much anticipation. hope has withered for some time now. i still root for liverpool, but from cemetery this time.

and i constantly think of my xabi 😦

faith is believing in what you can’t see

this season has been sad and miserable for liverpool and the fan. how we slumped from 2nd place last season to the champions league failure is quite a disappointment. is it money? does lack of money to buy new players affect the team performance that much? does it mean that the current roster isn’t up to par?

i would be damn to even think that.

it’s not the blind faith in the players. those teams ranking above liverpool – hence right to champions league, do they have better players than liverpool? do they or don’t they?

whose fault is that? it must be someone’s fault. can’t we point finger to someone to take the blame?

this is certainly unpopular idea but i point finger at rafa.

i respect him. he has been great. he brought us to champions league glory. last season was amazing, so close to victory we could smell it.

till death do us part? should we wait that long or is it time for the story to end here.

for better or for worse? through thick and thin? haven’t we done that already? should we say enough is enough?

i believe that liverpool will win the premier league and champions league again one day (within my lifetime). that’s so much faith i have in the team. but changes must be done.

and i miss xabi terribly still.

hope is frail and flying out of window

and the fairy tale ended tonight.

the last 3 clashes against them, we won. last season, we won both home and away. starting off this season, despite the bad form, we beat them.

tonight we are beaten.

it’s not just another match where you can win or lose w/o suffering or having regular joy. this is pride, dignity, and honor. when you lost, dreams are shattered, hearts are broken. when you’re the one holding the victory, hope is renewed, faith restored, and it feels like, after a long period of draught, it rains.

it doesn’t rain on us tonight. we still experience living in an arid area. i try to pretend to care about the europa league crap but i can’t. it’s good if we win. it wouldn’t break my heart if we wouldn’t. after champion league saying goodbye to us, or rather the other way around, i kinda lose interest. it’s not fun anymore when watching games may end up with disappointment instead of joy.

will my faith, hanging by a thread as it is, be strengthened? i still have faith, which means that i believe in something i can’t see, hope for the impossible and wish to receive the extraordinary.

please give me that, liverpool.

that is one too many

i support liverpool. i root for the club no matter what. let’s get that fact clear right away. still, it doesn’t mean i shouldn’t voice my frustration when thing goes so wrong, horribly wrong with my fav reds.

i have no idea what’s going on, tactics wise. i can’t distinguish 442 with 5678 or whatever. my football tactics knowledge is non existence. i really can’t pinpoint why things are the way they are this season that makes it so sky-vs.-chasm different from last season. it was brilliant last time. despite the lack of trophy, our hopes and dreams were alive, just to be freshly crushed this season. what’s with that? loss after loss. i feel like screaming.

and i miss xabi. i miss him on daily basis, and on our bad match day, i miss him terribly i want to shout from the rooftop. i also want to throw something at tv, hollowly hoping it might change something. oh well, when you are desperate and disappointed, anything goes.

i think rafa should go. he needs to go.

the promotional period is over. the glorious past is over. we need a new start, if that’s possible. a new start begins with a new manager. 

i know it sounds cold and heartless but if you have other options, i’m all ears.