off to work


really nice work outfit. very appropriate for the job that i have to go back to this coming week. 

image from teen vogue. clothes by mochino’s cheap and chic


season finale


the 2nd season is coming to an end. i enjoy watching the series so much because of the fashion, and.. well, mostly the fashion. the plot is entertaining but the show wouldn’t be this captivating without the amazing wardrobe. 

i love almost all of blair’s clothes. they are fabulous. she brings headband back to life, and to the next level. have we ever been headband-obsessed before this? 

look like jenny’s hair style is becoming like the time she rebelled. how cool. i think she’s the only one in the show who looks good in mini dress/skirt. 

can’t wait for the 3rd reason. how will their college lives be different from high school ones?

value for money


i’m rather, scratch that, very, disappointed to see vogue may 2009 issue. it’s because of its main feature: the real lives of models. i couldn’t care less about them! 

i don’t care what they eat and pretend to not eat and tell the world they stay thin naturally. i don’t care who their boyfriends are or how they met. fashion is interesting. i want to know about how clothes are made, how a collection is created, how a young designer has come to the point s/he is today, how the established ones built their empires. those stories would be mind provoking and inspiring even. 

lives of models are not. 

did vogue run out of smart thing to say already? 

this issue is very light, in weight and substance. too bad that the subscription is non-refundable or i’ll definitely want my money back. vogue is still nice. i still enjoy their many articles, which are crafted with finesse, and touch of class. fashion spreads are beautiful as ever. this feature, however, is such a let-down. 

i wish to see more of vogue march 09 issue, of which michelle obama was on the cover. that issue wasn’t only pleasant to read, it’s brain nourishing. i miss that. 

fashion magazine doesn’t have to be shallow. 

maybe i should switch back to glamour. 

because of gossip girl



i’m mildly gossip girl obsessed. the fashion is impossible to take my eyes off. blair must have the most beautiful white shirts in her closet. and the headbands, oh the headbands. my hair is completely short right now, no thanks to that hairdresser from hell. i do my best to incorporate it on my head, nonetheless. 

whenever i see beautiful shirts, by that i mean; doll collars, ruffle trim, lace and bow here and there, i drool. i’ll get there one day, shirt-wise. 

image from sretsis