can an office be inspiring


i would desperately want to work in this kind of home office, hoping it would give me some motivation and inspiration to be productive and finally get some work done. i don’t know why but i’m so jaded since the school starts. 

where has my energy gone? 

as always, the picture this beautiful comes from pottery barn website. very lovely room idea indeed. 



easy on the eye

simply wanna post something pretty here real quick. only 3 weeks into the semester and i’m exhausted already. students aren’t good. i’m so bored and tired.

how will we play today against birmingham, i wonder? 


image from pottery barn. beautiful indeed.

kate spade shop on 5th ave.


a friend of mine showed me these photos of kate spade shop. the decoration is very colorful and attractive. 

kate spade shop in my town doesn’t look this good. usually, brand name shops are located in malls, as opposed to standing alone on a street. the feeling is totally different. 

the weather here isn’t in favor of stand-alone shops. walking along the street isn’t pleasant due to smoke, and heat. i miss beautiful window displays as there are not much to see here. 

sometimes, i just want to get away from myself.