dickens’ book

without google, i wouldn’t know that it’s charles dickens’ 200th b-day today. the first of dickens’ novel i read was the great expectations. i love reading novels and i find great joy from doing it. this novel in particular, oh boy, is something memorable, not in the way that i want.

it was the first time i felt ‘tired’ reading a novel. it is lengthy, yes, but it’s not why. how the story develops takes time to progress. quite some time. i painstakingly finished it, though.

when the novel was adapted to a movie [with ethan hawk & gywneth in it], one question i was asked a lot was “was it in the book?” it refers to the line in the teaser, aka marketing promotion of the movie, and the line is “this is my heart and it’s broken”

such a powerful and heartbreaking to hear, right? i guess this line might be quite influential in bringing people to a movie theater. to answer my friend’s question, no – this line isn’t in the book, unfortunately. if it were, the book would give me more incentive to read on.

which dickens’ books have you read? how do you like it?


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