acceptance and talk about liverpool FA cup match

agger scored against man united in FA Cup. image from the Guardian

it’s difficult for me to accept myself for i usually feel inadequate. my bad habit to regularly compare me to others. that’s why i am not quite thrilled about reunion.

there are things i want in life, but when i finally get them, it doesn’t feel fulfilling. things don’t make up for emotional crater.

done with gibberish foolish piece, i feel so joy w/ liverpool beating man united in FA cup. i have doubt [don’t we all] about how the team is going. still can’t justify the existence of carroll in the team. a goal came from a defender, do we need a striker then? still think the only thing amazing about henderson is his hair not falling out of place after 90-minute run. still can’t read uncle ken’s mind as to why he did what he did.

but all’s well that ends well, right? carroll seemed more involved in the game, coming into more contact of the ball. and henderson…well, his hair still looked good. in the end, though, we beat the opponent and advances to the next round.

i will settle with them winning something, anything this season. always support the team but need to rant from time to time.


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