self conscious or inadequate

have you ever felt … intimidated when stepping into a high-end shop? i do. the shop looks so clean, spacious and organized from the outside. it should be inviting but i feel inhibited… to step inside.

i never have a high-end bag in my entire life. lately, i feel like buying one. maybe because of the age. being older [not wiser, though], i get a strange feeling of buying something … sophisticated. that’s not the right word but i can’t think of a better one right now. i have pondered over the bags for months. the lack of courage, or more like self confidence, to put one foot after another into the shop makes it harder than expected.

it sounds silly. i’m aware of that. what am i afraid of? a shop assistant biting my head off? i shall diminish the feeling of inadequacy and go check it out.


balenciaga giant city



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