a glass of coffee

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i feel like having a cup of coffee in a glass. no coffee places, at least not the ones in my neighborhood, use coffee glasses. not starbucks, wawee, nor dean & deluca. they all come in a beautiful white ceramic coffee mug. i wanna sip it from a glass.

i had the pleasure of enjoying a cup of joe in a glass once. it was a small, not much bigger than a shot glass. the barista poured a portion of sweetened condense milk first, then added coffee or tea till it reached a quarter inch from the rim. the glass showed off its beautiful layers; white from the condensed milk and brown from the coffee. it was even prettier with the orange color if you ordered tea. to me, it tasted heavenly (totally biased) but of course, it really did with the companion of congee and fried dough (pa tong ko – in thai). the crisp morning air, the atmosphere of the morning market in a country, people giving food to the monks. everything contributed to this lovely memorable glass of caffeine.

i don’t quite understand why, in the city, they don’t serve coffee in glass. it gives different feel – good difference – at least to me. there should be an option; glass or mug, same as tall or grande, soy milk or fat-free. do they afraid that glass will break easier and more frequently? a thick glass should be, i think, as durable as a mug. besides, when i was at that coffee shack in the upcountry, i didn’t witness any glass breaking scene. are people or baristas in the city clumsier than those in the countryside? i think not.

i miss that little coffee shack (or hut) i went with my family during songkran. not the place per se but the atmosphere, and definitely the coffee glass.


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