and liverpool is back, so is torres.

i have work to do but i simply don’t care. i wanna shout out my jubilation at the top of my lungs. i am over the moon. i am beside myself.

watching them come back with style was such a treat to end my sunday. i have to admit, i refrained myself from expecting anything (much). deep down, of course, i want to see a victory. and victory we got.

i think torres plays best when he doesn’t show his frustration and tries to be level headed. how graceful he was not letting john terry’s ugliest action get to him. he is above and beyond.

with that being said, i still want to dropkick john terry. there are many scenarios to hurt this scum bag playing in my mind.

not quite convinced though, that the win resulted from the team effort. individual skills seem to prevail and save the day. things need to be done or liverpool might become one-, or two, man team. that’s precarious.

all in all, yeh to the kops, YNWA

image from liverpool forum


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