new owner, new light?

so liverpool got a new owner. good news?

umm, it’s better news, of course. the situation is really dire, thanks to those beavis and butthead. however, with the new owner, will the wheel turn back to where it used to be or head to a new direction?

i’m skeptical. it’s obvious that they are here to make money. i simply hope there are businesspeople who are as much money-oriented as passionate for sports out there in the world. maybe that’s too much to ask for. what do you say, shooting star?

this weekend stages a match within families. i never feel that everton is any kind of adversary. i’m not in england so that might be the case. i don’t get the vibe or in the atmosphere soaked with rivalry air.

the local news here calls it ‘the match of potential relegation’. ouch! liverpool has sunk to the new low that i’ve never seen it like this before. but i think we might win. no matter how bad we are, everton is usually worse hahaha. anyhow, i’m gonna sit back, relax, recline on my new lazy boy and enjoy the broadcast without much anticipation. hope has withered for some time now. i still root for liverpool, but from cemetery this time.

and i constantly think of my xabi 😦


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