life: as you wish for vs as it turns out to be

picture from tumblr

i go back to my wish list i made just before christmas. i asked santa (or satan) for bunch of material stuff. surprisingly, some i already got. the reason i say surprisingly ‘coz i didn’t think, at the time, that i would get them. half a year later, turned out that i did.

do those stuff make me content? of course not. that answer is obvious. materials give instant gratification but never everlasting contentment. that must come from within.

materialistic as it is, here are the items i already got, and will get: sony ericsson xperia 10 (horrible, shouldn’t have wished for), another job (it’s not bad after all, also means bigger paycheck), toyota yaris (will get before the 2nd semester starts), and last but not least, friendship. i have been extended friendship from new faces and reconnected with old ones, thanks to facebook.

what did you wish for new year, and are those wishes granted?

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