my inexplicable love affair with sony ericsson

i can’t help myself romanticizing the post title as such. the fact of the matter is i had a crush on a guy who worked there.

that was one of the reasons why i bought sony ericsson xperia x10. another was that i don’t want to be another sheep in the herd.

i really liked iphone, and still do. i wanted to buy an iphone and still do. i don’t know if i made a bad choice choosing xperia x10 over an iphone. but in the end, i just did (buy it, that is)

this phone was no walk in the park. at first touch (or setup) i felt like crying and throwing the phone away, and regretted not getting the iphone instead. the interface was not the most user-friendly (to say the least) path to navigate. it took me a whole night (hence sleep deprivation) to familiarize myself with this thing. from midnight to almost 6 am (i was obsessed and extremely desperate to find the value for money with it) i have come to know it better and accepted it for what it is.

the phone feature was a nightmare! i tried to set speed dial but the function did not seem to exist. my solution was to add shortcuts on its home page (not a pretty sight but necessary) you can add direct calls or direct messages in order to call or text within a few clicks.

the key pad was another torture, so much so that i missed traditional buttons miserably. touch screen was not good friend to my finger. it gave me wrong letters/ numbers most of the time. this feature will continue tormenting me for months to come,

android apps were better but no paradise. once i figured out how to configure, the rest was easy. however, it doesn’t support thai language so most of my inbox sms end up looking like garbage. using facebook was a pill because of the lack of font. and one thing about google apps, they are usually half-baked in my opinion. with exception of the search engine, the rest fails. gmail isn’t comparable to hotmail. picasa is no match to flickr. google have good ideas. they have never been fully developed.

if you haven’t bought it, i recommend against it. i bought it for the wrong reasons; not wanting to be another in the crowd using iphone, having some soft spot for sony ericsson, and wanting to impress one particular guy.

needless to say, i do not achieve the results i desired.

if you are deciding between xperia x10 and iphone, i strongly suggest you run to apple, grab an iphone, and never think again of xperia x10.


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