is there any integrity left at CNN?

dear CNN,

is there any integrity left in your news reporting ethics? why, for the love of mankind do you report what is happening in Thailand in the pro-red shirt style? the red shirt group is the one destroying the country while the government has been trying to negotiate, appease, and come up with the solution?

are you too blind or too stupid to realize that?

your reporters are useless. they completely understand nothing and clearly cannot grasp what is going on in Thailand. the government has shown, time and again, that they are willing to negotiate with the red shirt protesters. it is them who makes the situation worse.

and please don’t start with the lie that protester leaders are unarmed. THEY ARE ARMED WITH MILITARY WEAPON. that’s why the army has to resorting to using rifles to control the situation. what’s wrong with you, CNN?

why are you doing this? are you paid to lie?


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