faith is believing in what you can’t see

this season has been sad and miserable for liverpool and the fan. how we slumped from 2nd place last season to the champions league failure is quite a disappointment. is it money? does lack of money to buy new players affect the team performance that much? does it mean that the current roster isn’t up to par?

i would be damn to even think that.

it’s not the blind faith in the players. those teams ranking above liverpool – hence right to champions league, do they have better players than liverpool? do they or don’t they?

whose fault is that? it must be someone’s fault. can’t we point finger to someone to take the blame?

this is certainly unpopular idea but i point finger at rafa.

i respect him. he has been great. he brought us to champions league glory. last season was amazing, so close to victory we could smell it.

till death do us part? should we wait that long or is it time for the story to end here.

for better or for worse? through thick and thin? haven’t we done that already? should we say enough is enough?

i believe that liverpool will win the premier league and champions league again one day (within my lifetime). that’s so much faith i have in the team. but changes must be done.

and i miss xabi terribly still.

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