more is less

is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? or does it have some standard that everyone, more or less, agree upon?

do we agree that mature women should not dress the same way their teenage daughters do?

when skin is sagging, isn’t it appropriate to cover up? the less elasticity in your skin, the more fabric you wear.

i went to a bank earlier today and saw some toxic sight.

a women, i guess, of late forties or early fifties, was dressed in a pink tank top and white shorts. wtf, dude?

her skin wasn’t very sagging to the point that it was ugly to look at. it, however, started to show the decline in firmness.

i wonder why she dressed that way. doesn’t she have some shame? we don’t usually show much skin in this country, unless we are at the beach. showing a lot of skin is usually for teenagers whose parents are too busy to discipline them or who aspire to become whores.

what is her agenda? does she think she can look appealing to her husband dressing like a cheap slut? or maybe she used to dress like that when she was younger and that style has become her staple. no matter what the motives are, i think, when in doubt, more is less. we should take a look in the mirror before stepping out of the house.

how one dresses is one’s business and i should butt out?

sorry no. can’t accept that. it’s your business how you dress, yes, but it’s my eyesight you are polluting. i think fashion and beauty have a certain standard that we most agree upon; when you are an adult, dress like one. the length of your cloth should not be the opposite direction to your age. there is women section at department store. don’t get lost in the kiddy floor.

it’s not my business until you step into my sight.


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