homebody turns demon

staying home can be hazardous to your mental health. i have the 1st hand experience in that.

i thought i was ok. obviously, i am not. i was ok until i am not.

i have to stay home during school break for financial reason. no work, no money, no problem. that’s what i thought and i was so wrong.

i don’t have much activities and when i find one, i am thrilled. when i found a yoga class that i really wanted to attend, i was glad to step out of home and do something good. my parents, however, asked me to pick up the niece, instead. what was i to say?

i went out anyway to go to the bank but managed to rush back on time. only to be told that my service wasn’t required. they would pick up the niece themselves.

what the hell did i race back for? WTF!

and my retarded mother pulled an innocent look and asked if i got her message, which was delivered when i was less than 100 meters from the front door. the message was, of course, they didn’t need me to pick up the niece.

why the hell did she not call me an hour earlier, instead of when i was practically in front of the gate, to tell me that?

they just don’t care about anything else. they changed their mind and that’s it. no more discussion.

i cancelled my yoga class for this. i cut my errands short and hurried home for this. my effort amounts to nothing.

why do my parents get to be this way, i do know. i simply do not want to understand or forgive their lack of consideration. i don’t know why but this incident makes me so mad. so much so that i threw my cellphone again the wall. it broke into pieces.

from now on, they can pick up the niece themselves. i will refuse to help them in anyway. they could drive out, crash, and die and i would not care.

that’s how much angry i am. and i really really really hate them.


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