hope is frail and flying out of window

and the fairy tale ended tonight.

the last 3 clashes against them, we won. last season, we won both home and away. starting off this season, despite the bad form, we beat them.

tonight we are beaten.

it’s not just another match where you can win or lose w/o suffering or having regular joy. this is pride, dignity, and honor. when you lost, dreams are shattered, hearts are broken. when you’re the one holding the victory, hope is renewed, faith restored, and it feels like, after a long period of draught, it rains.

it doesn’t rain on us tonight. we still experience living in an arid area. i try to pretend to care about the europa league crap but i can’t. it’s good if we win. it wouldn’t break my heart if we wouldn’t. after champion league saying goodbye to us, or rather the other way around, i kinda lose interest. it’s not fun anymore when watching games may end up with disappointment instead of joy.

will my faith, hanging by a thread as it is, be strengthened? i still have faith, which means that i believe in something i can’t see, hope for the impossible and wish to receive the extraordinary.

please give me that, liverpool.

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