tv time :-)

my thursday night tv schedule is jam-packed, starting this week. the fun begins at 9 pm where options are between the good wife vs. chuck. 2 series are both fun in a different way; drama vs. comedy (though sometimes i don’t quite find chuck very amusing) i like the good wife for its lawyer drama, and i adore josh charles :D. i find myself pressing remote control way too much. in the end, i miss having fun w/ both T T

the next fun is house, back for newest season. i’m not sure how to categorize this series; one second it’s funny so it should be comedy, right? then the next minute it flips one eighty and turns the tides to heavy drama. quite a roller coaster indeed.

before the night ends, the program wraps up with damages. the series is way too tense to be this late, haywire-ing my head to the insomniac mode. (hence this piece of writing) the charm of damages, i think, is that the plot thickens since the 1st episode. also it’s the one that grasp our attentive quite effectively. who in the world wouldn’t feel for those cheated by the money scam by that lower-than-life person. and we also knew that tom would die in the end. whoa that’s intense, if not hugely surprising. i can’t see how tom would come back from death anyway. change the channel a few times and you might miss the important scenes.

lining up for next month is ncis los angels. omg! chris o’donnell. doesn’t he age at all? what vitamin is he taking? i want a bucket of them! always cute, always attractive ❤

i hate that i have to wait for the new season of supernatural. actually, it’s airing on axn beyond, the channel that i don’t have and don’t want to pay extra for. the last season was showing on axn (regular one) and once i’m hooked, i have to wait. the cable tv sucks.

who’s your favorite dancer from so you think you can dance? mine is legacy. he’s so cute ❤

now my free time is less boring this way

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