eating kaput!

i have been so lazy lately. nothing much to do during summer, my main activity is watching tv, and being a perfect couch potato. not only do i not work out, i eat all day and mostly junk food; french fries, ice cream, cake. i do try to whip up some good breakfast like scrambled egg, and fruit. but that is all healthy as it can get. the rest of the day, though, filling my stomach with high fat and high sugar is all what happens.

that’s how people get fat, i believe. starting from eating without restraint, then move on to salty french fries as snack three days in a row. i’m on the health and weight roller coaster right now.

how to break this non-stop devouring? self control doesn’t seem to come to effect but that’s no excuse. i know i have to take good care of myself. i need to. health is everything, is more important than money. being healthy is the best form of blessing.

now say goodbye to these lovely menu 😦

the key is, everything in moderation

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