outlet of a shopping desperate

i want to go shopping. i like shopping. i want to buy many things and those things are not necessary. i am materialist but i can’t afford my wants.

hence lipsticks.

why is that?

remember the tom yam kung crisis during the 1997? there was a research what women bought during the economic crisis. interestingly enough, the sales of lipsticks were off the charts while high-priced products plummeted. why wouldn’t it be? who could afford to pay for expensive handbag while worrying about paying bills.

i’m the case in point. though the economy is picking up, my personal finance isn’t. i can’t afford things i used to buy anymore. things i never paused to think before buying. i can’t do that anymore.

hence the lipsticks.

it’s the only category my money is still good for. mostly drugstore but there were times where i can’t constrain myself and bought bobbi brown, mac, and dior (the last one costed me an arm and a leg haha)

the next three months i have to live in a destitute state. summer breaks and i wasn’t invited to teach. staying home and eating instant noodle are the plan. and not spending money on unnecessary items.

with that, i hope to kick my pathetic shopping urge.

have a nice summer time everyone


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