what’s with the vampires

what is it about vampire stories that capture the attention of people around the world? it’s not just girls, it’s mass market, it’s universal. how come?

starting as far as my memory serves, interview with the vampire, buffy the vampire slayer, and of course twilight (though i’m a team jacob)

now it’s true blood, vampire diaries, and cirque du freak. what’s next?

i’m not complaining or anything. simply amazed and perplexed, perhaps, with this vampire effect. i never think it’s fun to watch someone’s blood being sucked away. i looked away from this scene while watching blade (can’t recall which one). at first, i thought those good looking people playing vampires are the reason. but then there’s twilight, in which the actor portraying edward is someone i find no appeals at all. of course, my opinion on the matter obviously runs in the opposite direction with almost every girl in the world. still, it’s gotta be more than some pretty faces to make vampire stories globally and timelessly attractive, yes?

or maybe we are simply drawn to something we can’t have; immortality, forbidden love. or silently and eternally suffering from curse gives an air of mystery. is it why being an open book is deemed banal and uninteresting? must a guy talk as little, be brooding and hard to read to be mesmerizing? when will a vampire guy be nice, nerdy, and wear his heart (even though it’s not beating) on his sleeve? will this type of vampire sell? will a dorky vampire turn his creator into a million dollar author?

so yes, they gotta be all brooding, mysterious, carrying the world on his shoulder type. i guess i’m not a vampire girl material. i like my dream guy cute, geeky, loving me only, and jolly. can’t see these personality traits in any contemporary vampire characters at all.

can you imagine chuck (from that comedy spy series) becoming a vampire at all? 😀

p.s. i like sparkling vamps though. nowadays, almost all of my makeup is sparking, glittering, shimmering. i heart it big time.

sweet dreams everyone.


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