what’s that noice

i have been hearing voices, not in my head but from somewhere near me.

usually, it happens in the early morning when i am not fully awake. i’m pretty sure i hear it right and real, though.

is it supernatural? i don’t know. it has started 2 weeks ago when my dad went to hospital for check-up. at 1st, i blamed it on anxiety and worry over my dad’s health that made hallucinate audibly. 

now i’m not so sure. 

just this morning, i heard a conversation, which i couldn’t make what it was about. seemed like the sound came from the next wall, which was weird. my neighbor and i don’t share walls. our houses, though close, are built with separate cement walls. it is unlikely for a noise to cross over, unless it’s a shout. it was not a shout. 

only way for noise to enter must be through window. my room is on the 3rd floor so anyone sending the voice must be levitating. 

what is going on? is my surrounding full of evil spirit-literally? 

freaky indeed

if that’s the case, can i at least have dean by my side?


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