that is one too many

i support liverpool. i root for the club no matter what. let’s get that fact clear right away. still, it doesn’t mean i shouldn’t voice my frustration when thing goes so wrong, horribly wrong with my fav reds.

i have no idea what’s going on, tactics wise. i can’t distinguish 442 with 5678 or whatever. my football tactics knowledge is non existence. i really can’t pinpoint why things are the way they are this season that makes it so sky-vs.-chasm different from last season. it was brilliant last time. despite the lack of trophy, our hopes and dreams were alive, just to be freshly crushed this season. what’s with that? loss after loss. i feel like screaming.

and i miss xabi. i miss him on daily basis, and on our bad match day, i miss him terribly i want to shout from the rooftop. i also want to throw something at tv, hollowly hoping it might change something. oh well, when you are desperate and disappointed, anything goes.

i think rafa should go. he needs to go.

the promotional period is over. the glorious past is over. we need a new start, if that’s possible. a new start begins with a new manager. 

i know it sounds cold and heartless but if you have other options, i’m all ears.


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