i have become a twilight groupie

i couldn’t resist it anymore. i had tried to restrain myself from buying the books. being short on cash is one of the reason. another is that i am exhausted from reading sequel books. i was determined to stop at harry porter. 7 books seem to be more than enough. another 4 (or 5) doesn’t sound possible. moreover, i think i have read many books already, enough to skip this one w/o being branded illiterate. 

i was doing fine after watching twilight. the movie is nice but not powerful enough to make me read the book. new moon is totally another story. with jacob looking like that, i couldn’t fight it anymore. and i succumb, hence the book. 

so yes, it’s not much because of the plot or the power of love between immortal and human. it’s jacob. with his long or short hair, being tall, dark and that dreamy smile, i just want to die and go to werewolf heaven. i can understand why bella loves edward. the words in the book are so strong , emotional and vivid. on screen, it’s different. it’s visual. i can never prefer some pale thin cold guy to dark, handsome, tall, hunky, furry, and warm one. 

twilight follower i become. vampire lover i am not. i pledge my allegiance to the werewolf, especially when he is that breathtaking, drop-dead gorgeous, stunning, striking, …(please help me with the synonyms)…

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