down and out

just came back from seeing new moon. very nice indeed. very emotional in the end. my heart was melted when bella told jacob that it had always been edward. you could see his heart breaking into pieces right in front of your eyes. 

yes, i’m on team jacob. i don’t know why some people would prefer pale cold and skinny guy hahaha. 

and good feeling evaporated. 

i can’t, or it’s more like i don’t want to, believe that the CL chase is over already. too little too soon. seems like we haven’t done anything. feel like air that breezes thru your fingers. it’s light and now it’s gone. 

we have done poorly so far, have we not? EPL isn’t so great. CL is gone. 

i still support liverpool no matter what, nonetheless. and i don’t know why. 

image from RAWK

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