blame it on being lifeless

because i don’t have a life, and don’t try to find one, my time is much spent on some fictional life. 

twilight’s new moon is full of emotions. i love jacob. i’m team jacob from the start. and this episode is like oh wow. i can’t not in love head over heel w/ jacob.

how could i not? werewolf or a simple dog, they are much preferable to vampires. is there anyone who doesn’t like to hug a furry warm fluffy creature? 

i love every scene w/ jacob and bella together, every scene of him alone. every scene of him in every angle. 

you can’t design love. bella loves edward and nothing you can do about it. bella breaks jacob’s heart, as maga destructive as it it, nothing you can do about it. 

i guess there’s nothing i can do about it, the fact that he doesn’t love me. 

ok, back to the movie, jacob looks hot in very turn, long hair/short hair, w/ shirt or shirtless hahaha, smiling or being serious. oh dear i’m so in love w/ the werewolf. 

that’s enough walking on senseless cloud for one day. what movie are you planning to see next?


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