soft shell crab papaya salad

had lunch with grad school friends today. i hadn’t seen them for over a year. so much has changed, career-wise. in terms of habits and character, people simply do not change. at all. 

hot-headed, judgmental girl remains the same. phony guy is always his barely-hidden disgusting self. i find myself unwilling to talk about my personal life, as usual. 

people simply do not change. ever. 

we met at a papaya salad restaurant. the menu is too pricey for my income but the taste isn’t too bad. the soft shell crab papaya salad is quite good. that’s the only thing i truly enjoyed this afternoon. 

the entire conversation was all about catching up. there was no talking about what we like or what we hate. there was no mention of common interest. those with kids talked about their kids. those without talked about old friends and reminisced. the atmosphere resembled a progress report meeting than a fun getting-together. i even felt bored some of the time. 

what is friendship? i don’t feel much joy when i’m among them. it’s a nice way to pass the afternoon time but that is it. i don’t have a bond with them. are we not friends anymore. 

i’m definitely going back to that restaurant.

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