bitter sweet; japanese syrup in coffee

doitung caffe

we are in an era where coffee business is competing to the max. walking along a street means you will deliberately encounter a pleasant view of, at least, one coffee shop along the way. latte, espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, mocha… are some regular choices we will see once reading down the list of menu. 

doi tung (the name comes from the mountain in the north of thailand) enters this realm of business to promote the local wisdom. in the commercial world as it is, a unique offer, coffee wise, must be present to insert itself into the market. what i tried today, ladies and gents, is a coffee with japanese syrup, called kokuto. it is poured at the bottom of the cup, followed by milk, and coffee. the idea is novel. the likeness towards the tasted is divided. the barista suggested putting the straw down the bottom, w/o stirring, to get the sweetness of the syrup. other tastes would also be blended simultaneously. what i actually had was a gulp of extremely sweet syrup and it was the 1st thing to evaporate to my tube. then came the coffee ( i don’t know where all the milk went) which is too bitter to like. i don’t really get it. the barista said put the straw down the end, and i did exactly just what she said. not only did the elements not blend together, the tastes were separated; sweet then bitter. and that doesn’t make it bitter sweet. 

all in all, do i like it? i have to say i enjoy the taste of that japanese syrup. i will give it another try but i’ll stir it thoroughly before giving it a big gulp.


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