won’t make me feel better. they are simply things, i’m aware of that. but human as i only am, i want/wish/desire things to make me look/feel cool externally. 

why liverpool didn’t win tonight i didn’t know. i like football and regularly watch the matches yet the tactics elude me. could last season be the best season we could ever have for the modern day liverpool? i am sad, disappointed, and hopeless. how come getting a trophy -no- the trophy seems like such an unattainable dream for the reds? 

my perfect start of the day would consist of a cup of jo (whose last name is starbucks), some yummy bread, then off to work, accompanied by my macbook and moleskine. nice dress, sensible heels, and classic shoulder bag. the props are ready and the rest is up to me. 

when my dreams haven’t realized, i keep dreaming, keep wishing, and work hard to make them happen. 

and some day they will.  



  iphone and macbook by apple, starbucks cup from google image search, notebook by moleskine, beautiful girl in polka dot dress is liebemarlene, manolo blahnik shoes from vogue magazine, and bag by proenza schouler ps1

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