human vice can’t be treated by education. what does it take to abolish it, i don’t know. 

my workplace is crawled with people with high to highest education. those w/ ph. d. swamping the place like bee hive. i have nothing against them. i give education the utmost respect. i couldn’t agree more that knowledge is power. 

but fancy degree is irrelevant. drama is always present in office atmosphere whatever degree or the lack thereof. 

one ph.d. holder i have to work w/ is very bitchy. she pretends to be nice when we’re in group but v. condescending to me when alone. she observed my class but instead of talking to me face-to-face about my performance, she gossiped w/ other tutors that my teaching really needed to change. i, for the light of me, can’t understand why she did such thing. how would talking trash behind my back be good for her, apart from having a good time at water cooler? isn’t the whole point of this observation to give advice to new tutors? i feel ashamed and disappointed. it’s so obvious that advanced degrees can’t elevate your e.q. 


so miss phd, you have earned yourself this hypocrite cup of the year.


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