what kind of friends do you have

i don’t have many friends but out of a few i have, i have been blessed with sincere ones. 

during the time where i couldn’t decide which career path to walk down, many comments were coming towards me. those perspectives were really showing the true colors of those who bestowed. 

sasha was always encouraging. she wanted me to do better, financially, knowing the monetary predicament i had been in at that moment. i was touched. 

kathy wanted the best for me. she hated the terms of this prospect jobs and spoke out right away. she believed that i could find a better job than that. thanks dear for having faith in me. 

nicky had a different approach. she thought i should give it a try. her head was money-oriented. i thought money was important, too, but to spend 8 hours a day with something my heart hated, no amount of money would be enough. she didn’t like my decision but respected it. thanks nicky. 

charlie is a kind of girlfriend you should have around. not because she’s a good friend. au contraire, she’s a backstabber. the only reason she is useful is to do opposite of what she says. she never means well for anyone but don’t ditch her. you need to keep your enemy closer. 

back to my boring self. october is a school-break. i will have plenty of time to myself. and without any paycheck. 



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