rude staff at coffee world

i went to coffee world at B2S, central pinklao today, and received really bad customer service, to say the least. 

the staff should be fired, the guy wearing eyeglasses (there’s only one in that branch who does). i don’t have his name, there was no name tag. i really want to splash him with really really hot coffee, slap him across the face, and skin him alive. 

he was condescending from the start. he pretended not to understand when i ordered a panitas. i pronounced it pan-nee-tas. he smirked and said that it is pan-nee-ta. what an s.o.b. that kind of person should not be in service industry. if he thinks he’s better than his customers, he shouldn’t be working and serving coffee here, should he? 

then he purposely forgot my order, which was panitas and caramel macchiato. the panitas took 10 minutes to arrive, and i had to wait another extra 5 for a macchiato. and i was the only customer in the shop. i feel like smashing his head w/ a table. 

when i asked for a glass of iced water, he filled a jar w/ iced water and placed that jar in front of me. i didn’t know that coffee world is a self service place. i had to pick up a glass and poured the water myself. at that point, i want to slowly pour acid over his rudeness self.

i think he seriously has issues. being a total piece of low life is the result of those issues. he must live a sorry life, feel unsatisfied with himself and stuck w/ poor dead-end job, serving coffee for other people. i have one solution for him; kill himself. the world will be better off w/out him. 



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