my head vs. my heart

be careful what you wish for. coz you might get it. 

i wished for a high paying job. i want to be able to afford starbucks as often as i like. i finally got a job offer, the kind that allows me to get a cup of starbucks every morning. 

i declined that offer. 

my heart isn’t in the right place. something, so many things actually, about that office isn’t right from the start. i hated it from the get-go. i don’t think the salary will make that feeling go away. 

i wished for a job that i want to wake up to. i think i currently have one. despite some bad days – too many for some class- i still think this is a good place for me. the prospect of leaving it is saddening. how could it be the right decision when it makes me blues? 

i don’t know if i made the wrong decision. one thing i’m certain is that i didn’t make a bad one. 

so now i’m back to square 1. still wishing for a big paycheck but there must be a line between personal and professional. it doesn’t mean that i don’t want to work hard or to commit. i do but i have come to the point where personal life is equally as important as professional one. 

and the quest for a decent pay & fulfilling job continues. 

thank you all my friends for your input. we don’t always agree but i value your opinion. 

Sample4  VS.     whoomp-theres-my-head

see original images of heart and head

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