bye bye moto

i have to say good bye to my lovely moto today. it died. 

even though the user interface is far inferior than nokia. despite the not-so-super-user-friendly T9 text input, i had a nice time w/ my moto razr. as normally known that good things must come to an end, the flip snapped broke from the set, w/o being previously traumatized. i didn’t drop it, my cat didn’t chew on it. it decided it’s time to demise and drop dead. just like that. 


i tend to lose things lately. placed my ring on the wash basin while watching my hands and left it there. needless to say, it’s gone w/o a trace. 

then my cell phone is broken. physically broken into 2 pieces. the flip just broke apart from the set w/o any warning sign. it just did. just like that. i didn’t drop it. no accident ever happened to this moto. i took good care of it. too bad it’s not enough. 

i need new cell phone. no way around that. will buy the cheapest one there is in the market. or maybe just a cheap one. 

what do you think about this samsung? 



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