is voicemail a novel concept

hello kitty k3000 tv phone 3

to some people, the answer is clear and simple; yes. 

someone called my cell today. i didn’t pick up coz i was driving so it went to voice mail. once i parked, i checked the voice mail and this is what i heard.

“hello hello hi hello..”

why did the woman who called say such thing? wasn’t she aware she was talking to a voice mail? did she expect someone on the other end? how stupid, not to mention ridiculous. 

don’t ask me who that person was. the caller id showed 025415173. it wasn’t on my phone book and i don’t feel like calling back. why should i anyway? enough moronic situation for a day. 

is voice mail concept too difficult to understand? you leave voice message there, not talk like a retard and expect to be talked back. 

a friend suggests that i change the welcome message. it might as well work. perhaps something like “please keep repeating the word hello to your heart’s content or till you get a clue” will set people straight. 

please leave a message after the tone.


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