airline food


there are many things that people seem to think in unison, some common matters that are universally agreed by most. examples; cats are stuck-up, broccoli tastes awful, tom cruise is a good actor etc. 

especially with the last bit, you might get a feeling already that i don’t agree with those notions. living on the opposite side of the world from those thinking/feeling that way, probably is why i often find myself unable to disagree more. 

my cats, all of them, are friendly and do like people. they come running to greet me the seconds i arrive home. they crave to be hugged perhaps because they get it from me often. they love to be in the company of homosepian and to have human interaction. case in point, every guest coming to the house usually receive a warm welcome from my cats. they jump on their laps and simply lay there. tough luck if my guests don’t like feline species.

maybe broccoli tastes bad when it’s uncooked. i don’t know since i never (think to) eat raw broccoli. i have always liked broccoli and usually clean the plate every time my mom has it on dinner table. i never understood why westerners hated it so much until i saw how they had it, uncooked and unseasoned (dip isn’t seasoning enough). why on earth do you eat that way? no wonder it tastes terrible. the best way (and the only way i know) is to stir fry it with oyster sauce and shrimp and there you go – yummy in your palate. 

i agree that tom cruise is very very handsome but seeing his unvaried i-am-godly-handsome in his every film is way too much. somebody should tell him to stop ‘posing’ and start acting. 

i may lose a battle to the last debate here, or perhaps not. it’s commonly known that airline food lacks good taste. or is it? i don’t think i have crocodile taste bud but i really enjoy airline food. i think the answer is the airline. i often fly thai airways and the food is really good. everything the air hostess brings out smells paradise. once she returns to bring the tray back, what’s left usually are empty box and cup. if i were alone in the cabin, i would lick the utensils. 

now that i talk about thai airways, i gotta pull a simon cowell on the subject. the only reason i fly thai is because the non-stop flights they offer suit my destinations. other than that, this airline needs fix. the facility is technologically challenged. personal screen was just recently installed, years behind other airlines. and the service. i feel the need to throw mud on air hostess in this department. that and i secretly love to trash talk about them. i envy them for their big pay check and chances to trot the globe. i also look down on them coz i think their job is way too easy for big salary. bringing food, pouring coffee, sneering on local passengers, scolding them for not turning off cell phones, wow that’s tough. but the real reason i don’t like them is they think they are better than what they really are – which is maid on air. the twisted mind of theirs comes from the social value which deems this servant in the sky job luxurious. they are supposed to be well-educated and sophisticated to be qualified for the job.  once they are hired, it gets into their little head that they are better than the passengers they serve. unless you’re a westerner, you will get a you-are-not-enough-for-me-to-serve treatment from this holier-than-thou cabin crew. and their english is NOT that good. every time they announce something, i never understand a word they utter. they usually over-speak, meaning pouring accent to the top in every syllable – which is downright ridiculous to a phonetically trained ear like mine. too bad the service and the attitude are going to be like this for decades to come. 

that’s enough bitchy of me for a day. don’t you just love this stuff, especially when it’s not directed to you, of course. 

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