i love coco


i get to watch tonight show with conan o’brien only 2 days a week; saturday and sunday. that’s when the cnbc channel airs it. so during 9pm – 12 am of the weekend, it’s like conan marathon. the show is one of my weekend highlights. i think he’s really funny and i’m rooting for him. i want his show to beat david letterman’s. i think the latter is crass and despicable. that level of offense shouldn’t be allowed on air. 

it will take some times for conan to feel at home, i guess. there are some dead airs between jokes but those jokes are well-crafted. interview rhythm isn’t impeccable yet. some interruptions and off-beats are still present. however, these things are minor and i’m sure he will perfect them in no time. all in all, the show is entertaining and i’m looking forward to watching it every weekend. 

the show, among other things, is my source to recharge energy. correct to say it’s a feel-good show and usually gives me a good night sleep. 

image from the show’s website


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