ugly students

each school has its distinguished character and that character is transfered to its students. or perhaps, its students were selected because they have similar character as the school. 

i find students of the same school having similar characters or habits. architecture students are very bright and creative. their essays are usually decorated with drawing and poems. how lovely is that! they are active in class; responsive and talkative (among themselves and ignore tutor often). the environment in class is moderately pleasant. 

engineering students, on the other hand, are zombie-like. they don’t respond to anything i teach. blank stare is what i usually get when i try to make them think or analyze a paragraph. aren’t they supposed to be smart? i really don’t understand why they act as if they were void of brain cells. one day, for example, we talked about online social networking, a topic widely familiar by people on this planet. it’s incredible that engineering students had nothing to say. the class participation was almost zero. only a few muttered something and that was it. throwing the same topic to architecture counterparts and buzz of noise happened. they got the ball rolling, from hi5 to facebook to twitter etc, so much so that we ran out of time. 

not only that, the reaction i received from an engineering student this week is unbelievable. they are assigned to pick a book with at least 1200 words to do a term paper. one bought a book of only 1100 words and i rejected that book. that stupid ugly kid looked at me as if it was my fault. omigosh! that moronic git should be more responsible for his action. a criterion is the 1200-at least-words. why didn’t he see the 1100 words written on the back cover before presenting it to me. and that jerk got the nerve to be angry at me. how brainless is it to pick a fight with the tutor who says life or death on your grade! 

maybe it’s tutor job to adapt the teaching to each class. maybe it’s also the student’s job to participate and pay attention in class as well. it is quite shocking to see them come to class unprepared and simply waiting to be spoon-fed. kids in this century have many things more than mine at the same age. higher level of english proficiency, more advanced gadget, more anything, stupidity and inertia included.


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