defending vogue


i found myself defending vogue, something which i never thought possible. 

many recent issues have been absolutely lacking value for money. i am resolute to cancel the subscription after it expires. 

not that i change my mind after i defended it, i simply think there’s some things worth reading in this glossy magazine. 

someone mentioned that vogue was blank in providing anything mind stimulating. i disagreed and we argued a bit. the magazine is full of mind blowing articles and columns, as well as fresh and creative fashion spreads. if you want something else, say intellectual or academic stuff, don’t buy vogue. 

i feel that the current issue has redeemed itself a bit. love the fashion spread. very very out of this world. love it. and many more articles i intend to read. 

i will not renew the subscription, that’s for sure. in the mean time, i will enjoy the reading experience from this stuck-up, luxurious-lifestyle portrait stack of 4-color sheets of paper as long as our relation lasts.


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